Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8th

On Tuesday, the morning lecture was a continuation of the adaptive immune response lecture, focusing on the differentiation of T cells. The pace of the lecture improved and it was evident that Dr. Sabita was very keen to improve her teaching based on feedback. Following the lecture, the students went to their respective PBL sessions from 10am-12pm. The day ended with the Canadian culture workshop that we offered from 1pm-2pm. Almost every single student attended this presentation in which we talked about Canadian history, Vancouver, UBC, our passion for hockey and other interesting facts about Canadian culture. Stephen’s knowledge about Canada really made this presentation more educational as well as entertaining. The students were very attentive and appreciated the small Canadian tokens that we handed out afterwards (Vancouver pins and Canada flag pencils). Following the presentation the students were keen on showing us more of the city and playing snooker. Once again a wonderful day, full of educational and cultural growth for the Nepali students and ourselves!

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