Monday, May 14, 2012

Friday, May 11

Like most Fridays, today was started off with an ethics lecture by Dr. Bruce, an Australian physician who has lived in Nepal for many years. He did a great job of involving the students in a lecture and getting them to think through the problems on their own. Afterwards, there was a wrap up session for the PBLs. Its something we don’t have at UBC – I think? – and everyone in our group thought it was extremely beneficial for the students. It is an hour long session in which the students have the chance to address any questions they weren’t able to answer in PBL. The PBL groups were all present in one of the classrooms, with all the PBL tutors at the front. The tutors went through each group’s questions, and any PBL tutor could answer. It was really interesting to hear the different perspectives of the clinical and academic tutors.
Later in the afternoon we went to the students hostel – the same thing as a dorm in Canada – and played ping-pong. None of us really stood a chance against the PAHS students, who seem like they were competing for the national team. We decided to switch to a sport we might be a bit better at, soccer. We ended up playing a small tournament with the students for the next 3 hours. All in all a great day with the students!

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