Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday May 20th

Today is last day at the school before we go on a trek -- the past three weeks have flown by! It is also the most serious bandh yet. There is not a single car on the road, and on the way here we passed a burnt motorcycle. It's still not violent, just more severe restrictions. In the morning we were busy getting ready to leave, but in the afternoon we joined the students for lecture and did a presentation on study skills. Unfortunately the lecturer wasn't able to make it to class -- an example of how the bandhs are beginning to affect PAHS. Before the presentation the students were telling us how useful the last one on time management was, so hopefully this one was as helpful! It seemed like many of the students don't use any study strategies like pneumonics or flash cards. Something we have also noticed is that many of the students will just copy exactly from the textbook. During our presentation we really emphasized writing in your own words, or any way in which you can make the material your own. When we return from the trek we can see if the skills we presented worked for the students! 

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