Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday, May 10

Yesterday we spent most of the day at the botanical gardens with a few of the students who had enough spare time to take us there. It was great to get away fro the hustle and bustle of they city – quiet enough to hear your thoughts and some beautiful scenery as well!
Today was the final day of the PBL. Again, it was very useful to see what the students needed help with, as well as how they went about learning the PBL material. PBL is a huge component at PAHS, much larger than at many of the Canadian medical schools. Consequently, much of the learning is done in the students self study time. This definitely has benefits -- the students are becoming highly proficient in being able to find information on their own, something that will be essential later in their career. However, it does take a lot longer to find the material than if it was presented in lectures and the students still need a bit of help on finding the best resources to use. Maybe something one of the groups of med students can help with!

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