Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tuesday May 15th

For most of us, today was our best day yet in Nepal. The students had organized a dance party for us, and since none of us are the most avid of dancers, we were somewhat daunted by the prospect of having to dance for four hours straight. After attending some lectures and PBL, we met with the students at their hostel and we started rolling over to the “Timber House” dance hall. The students, the girls especially, were unbelievably excited, dressed up in their best party clothes. We were pleased to find out that the dance floor was simply an outdoor terrace, since it was sizzling hot out once again. In the end, the four hours passed by so quickly and we had a fantastic time! Afterwards, we came to the consensus that we much preferred the Nepali dance music to the Western music we find at clubs at home… so we’re definitely going to have to buy some of it. After everyone was exhausted from the dancing, the students invited us over to their hostel canteen for dinner. The huge amount of dhal bhat was the perfect end to a great night -- thanks to all the PAHS students for organizing it!

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