Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday May 19th

Today was the students day off so we decided to go to an orphanage called Sonrisa that Dr. Courneya has been involved in. It was us and 5 PAHS students that ended up making the trek over. The bandh that was scheduled for today luckily fizzled out, so we were able to take a microbus to the orphanage. We were welcomed by Bishnu, who helped start the orphanage. He runs a trekking company, but is involved in many other projects helping in communities in Nepal such as starting medical clinics in rural regions, in addition to the orphanage. He explained it to us that whenever he has the time he thinks of these kind of projects -- a really inspiring person to talk too. The orphanage ended up being one of our favorite places we have visited in Nepal. It seemed like it was giving as much as it could to the kids, from the students being able to go to dance or music before school, or having tutors to help with their homework after school. Since there were only 15 children ranging from 5-15, it had a really homey feel, something that seems like it might not be found in other orphanages that can have as many as 250 kids.

It also had a huge garden they have converted from the trash pile that was there when they moved in, which they can use to grow food for the orphanage or to sell to make money. When we first got there all the students introduced themselves, and then we did a presentation how, when, and why you should wash your hands and brush your teeth. 

After wards the students showed us their abundant talents in dancing and playing their instruments! Following the talent show we worked for 30 minutes in the garden by pulling weeds around the corn.

 Bishnu was very thankful, but it was the least we could do for letting us in their home and treating us as family. It was a great experience at the orphanage and by the time we left everyone wanted to somehow become involved there!

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