Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday May 18th

Today the students were busy with clinicals this morning, so we decided to use the time to buy ingredients for our Canadian food party tonight! We invited all the students to come over to our place and try some Canadian food. It was kind of hard to pick a Canadian food to make because, well, what is Canadian food? We kind of narrowed it down to poutine and maple syrup, unfortunately making poutine would have been a bit too difficult here! We ended up making pancakes with maple syrup and we added some fruit and whip cream to give it a bit more substance.
After buying the ingredients we went back to the school for PBL wrap up. We really liked it last time, but this session it seemed like some of the students weren't understanding the answers to the questions and weren't saying they didn't understand it. It could have been because the concepts were more difficult this week than last week, or maybe the students just thought they could figure it our later. Either way, it seemed like it wasn't as beneficial as last week. To finish the students immunology block, Dr. Pastor and Dr. Sabita organized a jeopardy session after lunch. When we asked the students if they were excited, many of them said they didn't know what jeopardy was! Despite this, the session was a huge success! It was a really enjoyable learning environment, and might be put in after each block.
The party started at 6pm, so we were busy most of the afternoon getting ready. Although we invited all of the students, we thought 30, maybe 40 would show up. It ended up being over 50 students crammed into our guest house. Everybody had a great time and the students really enjoyed trying our kind of Canadian food!


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