Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7th

On Monday we attended two lectures with the PAHS students. The morning lecture was in regards to adaptive immune response and interaction between MHCI/II and TCR. This lecture covered a lot of material and some of the students portrayed their confusion to us. Hopefully our explanations to their questions helped. Also Dr. Sabita set a very welcoming tone for additional help and clarification. After the morning lecture some of the students were studying, some went to the computer lab and a few of the boys brought us back to their hostel and we played ping pong. They were much better than we anticipated and the local champ annihilated all of us with his left hand (normally plays with his right). After some games and, once again, delicious meal we went back for the second lecture. This lecture went through important questions used when appraising epidemiological studies. The lecture was interesting and many relevant examples were used. We ended the day with meeting more students, slowly getting better at remembering Nepali names!

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