Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday June 24th

We had a great day today at PAHS! 

We decided to run a fun, cultural-exchange workshop on Bhangra dance.  UBC Medical School has a Bhangra Dance Team, and we were lucky enough to have the team choreographer, Supreet, here with us in Nepal.  Bhangra is the type of dance seen in Bollywood movies, so the students at PAHS were excited to both see us perform and to learn the dance routine. 

We started by showing the students the routine, then Supreet took the whole group through the dance, step-by-step.  It was amazing how quickly the PAHS students learned it!  (20 minutes vs. the 3 months it took us UBC students!)  After that, the students taught us some Nepali dance, and showed us some of the routines they performed at events earlier in the year.  We had a great time teaching and learning from one another.  It was a great bonding experience, and the students were having such a good time that it was hard to turn off the music, even though they had started to lock up the building for the night!  


Supreet teaching the group Bhangra!

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