Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday June 25th

This week we had the opportunity to sit on the PAHS students PBL sessions.  Leading up to the session we were all very curious to see what PBL would be like here at PAHS and whether it would be at all similar to the sessions at UBC. 

Interestingly, the sessions were very similar to those we have at home with only a few notable changes. Much like our sessions the students all sit at a common table with a tutor guiding the discussion. There are also several chalk boards mounted on the walls of the room to write up differentials and the infamous PBL learning issues.

One difference we all noticed about the PBL at PAHS is the way the students break apart the case and generate a differential.  Unlike at UBC where we tend to use the board space to draw problems webs and diagrams to develop a differential in a haphazard sort of way, the students at PAHS mainly discuss the different possibilities and then neatly organize this information into lists sorted into a variety of different columns.

It was very impressive to watch the student discuss the case material and work together in unison to solve the week’s case.  It was particularly impressive to watch the student present their learning issues in flawless, meticulous detail!


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